5 Eye-Catching Blue and Yellow Bathroom Decorating Ideas

If you love blue and yellow color palettes, why not try combining them? These two colors work extremely well together, and we particularly love the idea of using them to decorate bathrooms.

So, we collected some images to create this list of attractive blue and yellow bathroom decorating ideas. Go through the wide range of ideas in this list and see if you find anything you love and will work well for you.

Quirky Designs

We love the quirkiness of this bathroom. The blue and white patterned wallpaper supports a framed mirror and a blue cabinet with a marbled countertop. The blue also pops out in the tissue dispenser kept atop the toilet tank.

The use of yellow is particularly commendable here through the artwork on the walls. The eclectic chandelier with a yellow frame adds an immediate splash.

Cobalt Blue and Deep Yellow

The cobalt blue patterned tiles of the walls add a nice and cool shade to this bathroom, working well with the sleek marble flooring. It also supports a large window with a white frame.

In lovely contrast, the deep yellow of the bathroom carpets adds warmth and richness to the bathroom. Overall, the colors create a plush atmosphere.

Distinct and Eclectic

This bathroom is another eclectic design that cleverly uses powdered blue wallpaper and a dark blue cabinet. The cabinet supports a marble countertop that works well with bronze fixtures, a round mirror, and a white lampshade.

The yellow pops out through the framed artwork on the wall, as well as the wonderfully designed yellow lamplight that hangs from the ceiling.

Creative Coordination

This bathroom is elegant and playful simultaneously. The rich hexagonal-patterned yellow and white wall is beautiful. While the blue frame of the shower door matches well with the other shades present.

Shades and Functions

This bathroom makes us feel happy. With a soft blue upper wall and a patterned blue and white floor, splashes of white through lights, cabinets, shelves, and the mirror enhance the softness and fullness of this bathroom.

The shades of yellow through the carpet, baskets, and flower vases make the bathroom pop even more. These pastel colors work excellently without being overwhelming.

Now that you know all about these five ideas that use blue and yellow colors to decorate the bathroom, we hope you found some ideas for yourself.

Please feel free to leave behind a comment to tell us your thoughts, suggestions, and experiences. Also, do share this list among your friends and family so that they can find some great ideas too.