9 Inspired Bathtub Surround Ideas

We have some great ideas for panelling and surrounding your bathtub. We think once you are through with this list, you won’t be happy to settle for anything plan and boring anymore and you’ll want to spice up your bathroom a bit. Check out some of our favorite bathtub surround ideas here.

Panelled in White

via bhg.com

We love a bathroom that looks clean, and with the panelled look on this one, it looks elegant as well. There’s a little marble-style rim that gives the tub some character but no so much that it looks messy.

Outdoor Motif

via Studio McGee

While the idea of bathing outdoors scares us, this is a wonderful collection of outdoorsy decorations that creates a warm atmosphere for the bathroom. It’s cosy, but at the same time, very sophisticated and stylish.

Beautiful Brickwork

via Subway Tile Outlet

The brick design might not work as well if it was the standard reddish-brown colour, but this blue hue is adorable. It adds some wonderful, pastel liveliness to what would otherwise be a very white room.

Dark, Natural Look

via mandarinstone.com

If we wanted a tub where we could just be alone and be at peace with the world and our thought, then this would be the place to do it. The lovely woodwork gives it a rougher feel that is miles away from the sterile and cold look of most bathtubs.

Delightful Drawers

via ideastand.com

We could always use more storage space. These drawers not only match the tub nicely but also provides a very functional decoration to the room. The very best additions to any room are always able to look great and have some usefulness to them, and this pulls it off nicely.

Stone Cold Lovely

via thestonecollection.co.uk

The stone bathtub surround is incredible enough in and of itself, but paired with the wood floors, it is absolutely perfect. This kind of stone could look too manmade for some tastes on its own, but the wood brings out its natural appeal.

Tile and Wood

via brunchatsaks.blogspot.cok

This is another combination of tile work and wood, and we are starting to really like this trend. The all-white motif is a great look here, and it gives the bathroom a very clean look.

Stone Motif

via DecorPad

Here we have the floor and tub working together with nearly the same textures, all set off nicely against the wood and brass for an elegant look. Most everything here is very simple and easy to pull off, but it appears quite expensive anyway.

Matching Rooms

Here’s an interesting idea- making the bedroom and bathroom match. They may not have the same textures, but the same soft tones are repeated throughout and it works even better thanks to an open floor layout that doesn’t include any doors.

So, there you have it. We hope you found a few of these that inspired you to start working on your own bathroom. If you did, perhaps you’d like to share the list with your friends.