5 Beautiful Bathroom Window Cover Ideas

Bathrooms are no longer just functional spaces for you to use and forget. Your bathroom can become a haven of relaxation with tastefully chosen decor that brings out your personality. Bathroom window covers are not just important for your privacy but also provide an excellent opportunity to add a highlight to the decor of your bathroom.

We’ve scoured through the internet to bring you these five beautiful bathroom window cover ideas.

Rustic White Shutters

Bathroom Window Cover Ideas 1
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The plain white shutters used as cover for the white window panes will make your bathroom look like it is straight out of an exquisite but rustic country home. This is an excellent choice for a bathroom that has a simple white color palette like the one in the picture.

Different textures and shades in the same color used across the bathroom give it a cohesive look without making it dull. The black marble floor and photo frame provide a contrasting highlight that pulls the whole look together.

Doves Window Cover

This beautiful latticework of doves is available as a decorative outdoor screen panel, but you can easily DIY it into a bathroom window cover. This is a great way to have your privacy in the bathroom while still allowing tons of light and air in.

You can decorate around the theme of the window cover by adding a decorative birdcage or flowers around your bathroom. The bird design will add a lovely and whimsical touch to your bathroom, but you can use other latticework panels as well.

Farmhouse Curtains

This design is simple while being quite eye-catching as a single long curtain is used to cover three different window panes. The choice to cover only the bottom half of the windows will help your bathroom get all the light it needs.

The soft and semi-sheer white curtains look great with the black iron curtain rod and the black curtain rings. This is a lovely mixture of a delicate aesthetic with a farmhouse style, and wooden decor would go perfectly with this window cover.

Arabesque Roller Shades

The white and grey arabesque pattern on these roller shades will add an ethereal and elegant touch to your bathroom. Roller shades, in general, are a great choice to retain your preference for how much privacy or light you want in your bathroom at any given time.

The Arabesque pattern provides an attractive detail to the otherwise plain bathroom without making the decor too busy.

Vintage Stained Glass

This stunning stained glass will give your bathroom window a privacy cover while adding a pop of color to your bathroom. Stained glass adds a beautiful vintage touch to any space and will go perfectly with other small vintage details, such as the clawfoot tub in this picture.

You can get the custom stained glass installed in your bathroom, but there are also other affordable options, such as stained glass window films, that you can use.

Those were our five picks for bathroom window covers. Let us know which one you are planning to use and why! Then go ahead and share this list with your friends so that they can get inspired too.