5 Modern Bathroom Remodeling Ideas with Inclined Ceiling

Inclined ceilings can be challenging to design a space around. They can leave you scratching your head about where to install fixtures, bathroom mirrors, and storage space in your bathroom. However, with a little bit of creativity, inclined ceilings can give you a lot of room to experiment with your decor and design.

We’ve gone through the depths of the internet to find you five modern bathroom remodeling ideas with an inclined ceiling so that you can make the best of your bathroom space.

Cozy Vanity Corner

This bathroom remodeling idea makes the most of the small space under the inclined ceiling to create a cozy vanity corner. With a little bit of craftsmanship, you can DIY the slanting top of a shelf so that it fits snugly under your inclined ceiling.

The rest of the space is used for the bathroom mirror. Installing the mirror right below the ceiling, along with the bright lights, creates a cheerful and adorable nook in one corner of your bathroom.

Elegant Skylight

This bathroom remodeling idea makes the most of the inclined ceiling to flood the bathroom with bright natural light. The bathtub installed right under the ceiling gets the warmth and the beautiful view of the skylight built in the roof.

A window on the wall right next to your bathtub would have raised concerns about privacy, but the inclined ceiling provides an opportunity to have a huge window without worrying about that.

Showering Nook

A floor plan with an inclined ceiling can feel awkward to plan your bathroom layout around. However, this remodel idea shows how you should make the most of the small partitions created by an inclined ceiling.

We love how the area under the ceiling has been turned into a natural partition for the shower. A small cut out in the shower platform makes space to fit the bathtub right next to it.

Dormer Windows

Many attics with sloped ceilings also have dormer windows. Make the most of the placing of the dormer window to plan your bathroom layout. The gold details on this windowpane have given an elegant color palette to this bathroom design.

We love the element of warmth and simplicity in this bathroom, with the oak floors perfectly complementing the bright white bathing space. This remodeling idea will make even a tiny bathroom space open up visually.

Stylish Subway Tiles

Bathroom Remodel Ideas With Inclined Ceiling 5
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This bathroom remodeling idea will give a quirky contemporary look to your bathroom, no matter how small the space is. Getting their name from the look of the tiles in the New York subway system, these tiles almost never go out of style.

This bathroom remodeling idea uses subway tiles across the wall and on the inclined ceiling as well. The tiles set the shower corner apart from the rest of the bathroom while giving it a modern and sophisticated visual appeal.

These bathroom remodeling ideas show how you can transform a space into a beautiful corner, no matter what limitations are posed by the infrastructure. Let us know which one of these ideas stood out to you and why. Then feel free to share this list with your friends to inspire them to transform their inclined ceiling bathrooms as well!