8 Stylish Bathroom Mirror Ideas

A mirror isn’t just a sheet of glass that hangs on the wall. It’s a symbolic window that reflects what the world sees. Perhaps we spend too long examining ourselves, looking for the imperfections that can only be seen under close scrutiny.

The mirror is a river of reality that we have with us our entire lives. For some, it’s the solace of singularity; for others, it’s the truthful friend they’d rather avoid.

Love them or hate them, mirrors increase the luminescence of a room, helping to create an impression of infinity.

We’ve searched for examples of the most stylish bathroom mirror ideas. We hope you love them as much as we do.


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Who said that a mirror has to have right angles or the endless circumference of the circle? A mirror can make a statement, and this fabulous geometric frame says quirky sophistication like no other accessory for your bathroom or cloakroom. This funky mirror oozes confidence, showing the world that you see things a little differently. The gold, deep-set frame contrasts beautifully against the stylish teal of its host wall. And set against the mini apron sink, this bathroom exudes style and a commitment to seeing the world on your terms.

Space, The Final Frontier

Space The Final Frontier
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If your cloakroom is tucked into a corner of the house – perhaps under the stairs – it can feel a little claustrophobic. Nothing increases space in a tiny room than a mirrored wall, but sometimes you want to avoid the accusation of narcissism. These over-sized mirror-tiles have been aged and unsilvered, while their regular tessellation reflects a disjointed reflection on the world behind the glass. These desilvered mirror-tiles are stylish, while the exposed pipework of the sink suggests an inner belief that nothing needs to be hidden. For the confident!


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This beautiful, oval-framed mirror sits as an anomaly against the interesting diagonals of the beautiful gloss tiling, and the masculine juxtaposition of right angles of the sink unit and metal legs. This combination of materials is a deliberate balance of wood, metal, water, and earth. To complete the combo, we need some fire: burnt orange or an intense purple could be brought in by way of accessories. This arrangement is understated simplicity, projecting a zen-like calm with the confidence of cleanliness.

Unashamed Bling

Unashamed bling
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Luxury comes in all forms; from simplicity to the downright decadent. This regal, golden-framed, over-sized wall-mirror is certainly not shying away from the utter sybaritic. This huge mirror tells the world that whomsoever dares peer into this window of grandeur deserves a little adoration, and expects the best things in life. Complementing the chunky extravagance of the burnt wood floorboards, and the stand-alone bath, along with the dark ash green of the walls, this bathroom is luxury at its most unashamed. And whyever not?


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This fantastic Georgian-style mirror gives this stylish bathroom the elusive wow-factor. Everything else about this funky bathroom whispers understated taste and sophistication; from the wrap-around tiling; the brilliant white of the funky apron sink; the tarnished brass of the faucet accessories; and the aged wood of the vanity unity. This understatement of splendor, however, is instantly belied by the flattened distress of the battered iron framing of this super-sophisticated mirror. The whole arrangement is brought together with the entrance door; painted, surprisingly, in black. This is one bathroom that deserves the adoration of every visitor in the vicinity.


Frameless mirror
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This frameless circle of glass works strikingly against the exposed brickwork, presenting a portal of clean lines against the industrial blemishes of the undressed wall. The backlighting highlights the flawless circumference of the mirror, eclipsing the reflected contrasting image all the more prominently, while intensifying the impression of a planet suspended in ether. The floating shelf goes further to enhance this tableau of anachronistic sci-fi chic. This look is super-stylish and would enhance any warehouse apartment.

Oriental Exaggeration

Oriental Exaggeration
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This black space could be oppressive were it not for this statement Chinese mirror; featuring pagodas, dragons in flight, creeping vines, and royal crests. The blingy gold frame matches the Aztec elegance of the light fittings, the faucet, and the drawer handles. The double-lighting ensures that whoever peers into this oriental curiosity is lit for maximum fabulousness. The odd, scattered lighting in the reflected image is perhaps a little strange and a step too far, but this is a cloakroom that couldn’t fail to spark a conversation.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Variety Is The Spice Of Life
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Can’t choose a mirror? Fine – grab a selection. This superb collection of vintage, frameless mirrors sets off a restored Victorian bathroom with a cheeky nod to the past. Remember, if choosing a gathering of mirrors, odd numbers work best – even looks a little calculated. The flat grey of the wall, along with the claw-foot bath bring this fabulous gallery of mirrors together in a celebration of Victoriana.

We love the way these mirrors bring life, light, and interest to these beautiful bathrooms, and hope that you’ve got some bathroom mirror ideas that will help bring a touch of sophistication to your water closet.

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