4 Thrifty Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Like any other things and spaces in our home, our bathroom doesn’t ask us if there’s a lack of funds when it starts to age and wear out. If we have rather limited funds but are in an urgent need to make it over, there are still plenty of good solutions and hacks which can contribute to its look.


Paint instead of Tiles

budget bathroom before

budget bathroom after

Unlike tiles, which require several undercoatings and grout, and that are already expensive, bathroom paints require way fewer materials and less work too. Many modern bathrooms feature paint, and economizing isn’t the only reason. They are also easier to clean, and can’t break in a classical way – they are much easier for drilling and installing cabinetry and other hanging stuff which is always needed in bathrooms. And one day, when you get tired of its colour and want another one, just repaint and it will look totally different and new. Tiles can still be above the bathtub or inside the shower cabin anyway.



Relining and Resurfacing


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Bathtubs and shower cabins are among the largest, if not the largest things you can find in any bathroom, and of course, they’re among the most expensive things too. Relining a bathtub is several times cheaper than buying a new one, and the difference is even greater if you’ve got some of these hydromassage tubs. Resurfacing might require a bit more time, but in fact, the effects of it are at least par with buying a new one.


Besides the bathtub, you can perhaps resurface cabinets, vanities, and the door. This is an even cheaper and faster job than resurfacing bathtubs. One of the most effective things is resurfacing the sink with an overlay. It can look like a hole inside a countertop fully made of granite, but in fact, it’s just a new, highly realistic cover.

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New Mirror Frame

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This is one of the cheapest, yet most effective bathroom refreshing hacks. Actually, you can do it independently from the makeover, but when you’re already renovating the ageing bathroom, a new mirror frame is a must. It will look very distinctive, for the simple fact of being a new thing there. Mirrors frames can also be used to bay different light fixtures or conceal LED lighting tapes.



Laminate Flooring


Cheap, convenient, durable and effective. Laminate floorings are an ideal solution for bathroom makeovers on a budget.  Laminate floors may resemble any other flooring, from wood, through tile, to granite and stones. It is so easy to install that you will never need to hire someone else to do that for you. Laminate is also easy to replace once you get tired of the look. This is a very durable, safe and warm flooring.