5 Genius Bathroom Electrical Outlet Ideas

If you are looking for some genius and clever bathroom electrical outlet ideas, welcome aboard! Through this curated list of ideas, we can help you solve your electrical outlet woes for your bathroom.

Read ahead to find some excellent and practical ideas that will allow you to transform parts of your bathroom into functional spaces for electrical outlets. Hopefully, you will find something that clicks and will work well for you and your bathroom.

Adjustable Shelf Outlet

This bathroom utilizes that otherwise wasted space right below the sink. By adding adjustable shelves, you can not only get extra storage space (we all need it) but also an electrical outlet that allows you to conveniently charge your hair tools and other appliances by placing them safely on the shelf.

This seems like a great use of space!

Convenient Drawer Outlet

This dark wooden drawer opens to a surprise inside. If you have trouble finding space elsewhere, a drawer in your bathroom cabinet could be a great place to install an electrical outlet.

This way, you can now charge your appliances in the same place where you store them, making it extremely convenient to charge them without taking up any extra space.

Drawer Outlet with Holders

Just like the previous idea, this one also makes use of a drawer in your bathroom cabinet to install an electrical outlet. This can be a useful way to charge your appliances while also storing them in the same space.

This drawer also comes with holders where you can keep your appliances while charging or otherwise to prevent entanglements.

Pop-Up Outlets

These pop-up outlets are an absolutely genius invention, and we love how convenient they look as well. With holders attached to your countertop, wall, or floor, you can easily install these pop-up outlets that you can draw out whenever you need to charge an appliance.

This is a great way to save space and prevent clutter.

Attached Cabinet Outlet

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This is another excellent use of space that does not require you to utilize any extra space in your bathroom. On the empty areas of your bathroom cabinets, you can attach electrical outlets that automatically start charging your appliance when you connect it.

This way, you can easily access storage or holding space for your appliance while it is connected to the outlet.

So, these were some smart ideas for bathroom electrical outlets. If you enjoyed these approaches for their clever use of space and convenient results, you can tell us your thoughts and suggestions by leaving a comment below. Then, you can go ahead and share this list with your friends and family to make their lives easier as well.