Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Whenever it comes to cleaning our home, we know the bathroom is usually the place which requires most attention. We need to maintain high level of cleanliness and keep everything looking (and smelling!) as fresh as possible. Bathroom cleaning should ideally be done frequently and thoroughly, but many of us don’t have the time to scrub sinks and floors every day.

Luckily, there are some hacks which can make cleaning your bathroom quicker and more effective.

Chrome Faucets and Finishings

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Things made of chrome in our bathroom are often a reason for headache. A single drop of water dried on top of anything chrome, and you get a highly visible stain. So far, we have’t developed a quick and easy way to repel the stale from staining chrome, so you need to cleanse your faucets and other chrome coated items often. To make things easier, you can use a soft cloth and baby oil. Dab little oil on the cloth and it will effectively remove even the older stains.

Grout Mildew

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There is usually a lot of grout in most bathrooms – an average bathroom which is fully coated in ceramic tiles has several dozen meters of grout between the tiles. Who wants to spend hours cleaning all that?

A paste made with lemon juice and baking powder can be used to effectively clean grout and have it looking good over the long term. The powerful mix of acid and alkali can fight off even the most dull stains. All you need to do is to apply it on the grout, leave for around two hours, then rinse with warm water.  This will work great on caulkings, silicone, and anywhere else you spot mildew.

Proper Disinfection

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Many of the cleaning solutions we see on TV promise the world but rarely deliver. They may smell great and deliver a superficially good clean, but many leave behind various germs and fail to fully disinfect the area. Proper disinfecting should be carried out on a regular basis to leave the bathroom fully clean.

Solutions derived from boric acid can help a lot. The best way to make a good boric acid based solution is with Borax. Mix Borax with vinegar, and dilute the mix with some water. Leave it in the toilet bowl for about 20 minutes and then flush. This will get rid of almost all known germs, in a manner that doesn’t harm your health or the environment.

Oven Cleaner in the Bathtub

Bathtubs often collect stains from hard water, getting a little bit worse every day. Once the filth collects these stains will be extremely stubborn and difficult to remove. Oven cleaners are made for to get rid of these extremely challenging stains, and can actually work well on a dirty bathtub.

Inside most ovens there are stubborn stains, resulting from collections of grease and food which make them challenging to get rid of. Bathtub stains are similar: hard water patches will contain some of the environmental grease which is normal in a bathtub, thus becoming structurally similar to old oven stains. Oven cleaners are made to protect surfaces and clean surfaces. What cleans the inside of an oven will work surprisingly well for inside a dirty bathtub, too!

Turbo Scrubber

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You don’t want to apply excess pressure when scrubbing various items in your home, as you could risk breaking or damaging them. This electric sonic turbo scrubber makes around 1000 rpm of scrubbing motion, and can work on any surface. It can be anything from grout to the finest surfaces like chrome or glass. In a package which is sold at around  £12.99, you get the power tool and four adapters for various surfaces and purposes. This will help you blast through your bathroom cleaning in next to no time!