9 Inspired Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

The backsplash has a dual purpose: to water-seal the wall behind the faucet and to contribute aesthetic beauty to your furniture and color scheme. There are many different means of water-sealing your bathroom, but tiling is – quite rightly – the most popular; simply down to the available variety of design and styling.

We’ve searched the internet for some of the most stylish bathroom backsplash ideas, to inspire you to be a little different, and a little daring.

Sometimes it’s much easier to just plump for safe, but we’ve found a stunning variety of backsplash ideas that are sure to cast you green with envy and rushing off to the hardware store.

Reflective tiling

via homedecorskill.net

Tiles give you real control over the look and feel of your bathroom walls, and this mirror tiling adds space and perspective to this half bathroom through the focus of a single, accent wall. The Argyle, offset arrangement of these beautifully reflective mirror tiles – finished with a pearlescence that obscures the reflected image – provides a backscattered fragmentation, enhanced by a pleasant haze. The room is resultantly illuminated in a kaleidoscopic splinter of beams that bounce off the accent wall, painting the surrounding walls in a kinetic dance of prismatic motion. The super-sized floor tiles look slightly out-of-kilter with the disco-emanating mirror glaze; perhaps a more appropriate flooring might have been a black slate tile to off-set the predominant gleam. Nonetheless, this half bathroom is undoubtedly one that emanates glamor and flamboyance in the most visited room in the house. Fabulous.

Feature Motif

via simplyfutbol.com

If the predominant color of your decor is white, it leaves plenty of scope for bold patterns, and these stunning Iberian-inspired motif tiles contribute the desired wow factor to this stylish space. The double-sink unit is modestly rustic in antique-style stained oak, directly contrasted by matching sink units in crisp, brilliant white. This is a prime example of black and white in functional unison – adding stylish energy rather than competing for supremacy. The gable ceiling introduces an effective angularity, distracting from the proclivity of right-angles; extended through the rounded mirror frames in antique pine, the oval mirrors, and the annular tile motif. The floor tiling is a glazed terracotta, introducing a splash of burnt vermillion to this beautiful, Mediterranean-inspired bathroom. Fabulous.

Shattered Glass

via sagemodern.com

This irregular tessellation resembles the refracted fracture of shattered glass and makes a stunning accent wall; perfect for a backsplash. The soft glazing reflects light back into the space, while the gleaming grout reinforces the broken patina of milky white. The Duck Egg blue of the bottle-vase demonstrates how pastel colors can present a remarkable contrast to shades of white. The sandy hue of the wooden shelving grounds this wall of fractured perspective with a satisfying elemental balance. The singular pendant lamp highlights the grey-end of the color-wheel, bringing balance and calming sophistication. Stunning.

Mirror mosaic

via designbuildideas.eu

Mosaic tiles are the go-to for splashbacks, but can be a little safe and uninspiring. However, these fantastic, pearlescent, miniature mirrors introduce an iridescent tint to the light, distributing a rainbow of reflections all around the room. Who could fail to be impressed by this stylish mirrorball effect, capturing the psychedelic pastels of ever-changing hue? The showerhead proudly projects from the wall like a spotlight, reinforcing the glamor of the 1970s nightclub, with a shimmer and the dazzle of gleaming metal. If Austin Powers had gone into tile design, this would have been his most popular range. Groovy.

The Pearlescent Argyle

via renoguide.com

These milky, pastel brick tiles have the bumpy sheen of hand-sculpted clay, with a robust glaze that is silky smooth to the touch and endlessly fascinating for the eye. Each of these hand-glazed tiles is unique, presenting varying pigmentation suggesting bespoke, artisan workmanship, and the luxury of curated design. The watercolor pigmentation is a washy and continually deviating texture of diverse stain, that feels pleasantly non-conforming, creating the perfect splashback for one who desires a single color, with the luxury of hand-made individuality. As a feature wall, these tiles introduce muted tones that inject cool calm. As a single-toned space, these glossy tiles add a little sophisticated Victoriana without ever spilling over into the ostentatious. Subtle and stunning.

The 3D Tile

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This hexagonal tessellation introduces texture rather than color. The tumbling graduation of perfectly skimmed plaster to three-dimensional tiling adds an inspirational tactility to a plain white wall. The angled surface of each tile interacts with the light individually, creating a tonal catalog of whites and greys that work superbly with the duotone polka-dot of the flooring. These hexagonal tiles complement the sharp edges of the uber-modern double sinks, complete with marbled countertop, enhancing the harsh angularity and crisp lines of the raised sink units. However, they also serve to augment the impact of the organically annular stand-alone bath, with its sexy curves that mold to the body; simultaneously creating both comfort and inimitable style. Superb.

Mini Mosaic

via bathroomcreate.com

These salt and pepper mini mosaic tiles create a tactile splashback that resembles magnified newsprint. The regularity of the scalic texture is broken with two perfect oblongs of reflective glass that add a water element to this scientifically precise arrangement of miniature hexagons. The teak counter-unit and double sinks introduce additional luxurious finishes that look as clean and masterfully crafted as they look stylish. The floor rug has the busy repetition of the mosaic tiling while contributing a little Moorish influence in turquoises and teals. Utterly beautiful.


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Pearlescent tiles have featured reasonably heavily in the examples we’ve presented so far, suggesting that this precious stone emulation is the next big thing in tiling finishes. The unique fish scale tessellation presents a fabulous gallery of spectral luster, feeling as luxurious to the touch as it looks expensive and bespoke to the eye. These tiles have a range of irregularities that give them an air of antiquity, as well as originality. For a splashback that’s sure to elicit admiration and envy, these amazingly vibrant fish scales display blue and green at its most splendid. Stunning.

Never the Twain

via nyde.co.uk

This stunning bathroom is clean and sharp, with unexpected curves to balance the super-sized matte floor tiles and the duotone mosaics. The accent wall is resplendent in disco glamor that draws the eye to the fabulous soap-bar bath; rising from the floor with solidity and vivacious curvature. The random mirror tiling of the accent wall adds sparkle without obvious gauche, while the monotone mosaic of the surrounding walls has a neat, clinical crispness that elevates the wonderfully curated furniture. The hovering toilet, the rounded sink unit and the curvaceous faucet bring warmth to the harsh right-angles found elsewhere in this bathroom. The sudden shock of green from the palm demonstrates how plant-life can bring energy and vitality to a stark, white space. Glamorous.

So, how about that for some ideas for your bathroom backsplash? There’s nothing like a carefully chosen tile to enhance the look of your bathroom, while contributing some essential water-tightness to the littlest room in the house. We love how touches of glamor are introduced through luster and contrasting color. What do you think? Share this article with your friends and get planning.