8 Luxurious Basement Bathroom Ideas

Basements can be dingy affairs. There’s often scant daylight, and whatever illumination is available is often introduced via a prison-like portal. It’s all a bit reminiscent of Oliver’s “Where Is Love?”, isn’t it.

Perhaps we can create our own radiance through fabulous design? And there are so many options for LED lighting these days that an underground water-closet need not feel like the make-shift penitentiary of a sadistic kidnapper.

We’ve compiled a superb selection of basement bathroom ideas that would lift any rabbit warren into a luxurious chamber of clean that everyone would be proud of.

The Subterranean Sauna Of Kings

Your basement could make a lovely location for a subterranean sauna, tucked away from the rest of the home: like a drop of luxury harboring beneath the living room carpet. The adjoining shower is brightly-lit, and tiled in a practical taupe tone that calms the senses as your cool the skin, complete with handy tile-seat if you’ve over-done the heat. The funky rain shower propels a high-pressure drenching that refreshes the body and enlivens the mind. The inset ceiling lights keep the area bright and energized. With daylight LEDs, you’ll get plenty of radiant luminosity to keep this space one where you can relax and revive your flagging vitality. Luxurious.

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This wonderful black and white shower-room is perfect for a basement. The brick-tiling adds a touch of Victorian asylum to this sparse but stylish arrangement, while the black accent framing creates a striking, yet stark contrast to the simplicity of the tonal palette. With decent LED lighting, you would never miss the natural daylight. There’s something juxtapositionally cozy in this bijou bathroom, clad in austere contrasting colors at either end of the color spectrum. But this sumptuous suite swings the pendulum toward the swanky, with its wide, open vanity unit and crisp, folded towels, beckoning all who enter to jump in the shower for a refreshing downpour. The wood of the shelf and the ceiling rescue this stark space from gloom – adding a little natural elemental balance. The skew floor tiling in slate grey and the asymmetrical gable ceiling of the shower roof gives this amazing space an interesting, though slightly confusing, dimensional perspective. The large, black-framed mirror reflects light back into the area, while the candle-holder light shades offer an ambient light that might be a little inadequate for a basement. Nonetheless, utterly fabulous.

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Concrete is mostly associated with brutalist municipal buildings of the 1970s, aging like rotten teeth on the landscape of city horizons. It’s had a bad wrap, and it does age quite badly when exposed to the elements for 40 years. But as part of an interior canvas, concrete provides texture, solidity, sharp lines, and the ability to mold into exciting and interesting shapes. This bare concrete bathroom, as stark as it’s stylish, would make a fabulous underground lair for ablution. The strict, rectangular vanity unit is cast in classic no-nonsense right-angles, while the bottom shelf provides the opportunity to add a little softness in the form of towels, and pamper products. The open, screenless shower is a great idea when you’re surrounding yourself with a material as dense as concrete; letting light gush in so that your shower time is pleasant and comfortable. The inset sink faucet is tidy and minimalist to mirror the nude, no-frills decor. Mirrors are essential in areas with little-to-no natural lighting, so that any available illumination floods back into the room. Stylish.

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Shades Of Grey

In an enclosed space, light colors are extremely beneficial because they boost the notion of expanse. The stark white walls make a marvelous signature canvas for the variety of greys on display in this elegant bathroom. The ceiling is subtle in a shade of grey, making this tall room feel cozy, while the over-sized grey tiles and pronounced white grouting make this a space for calm relaxation and pleasant morning showers. The open shower is generously spacious, while the mottled brown floor tiling of the wet room area reinforces the natural tones of the floorboards. Everything about this space feels ordered and built for aesthetic beauty. The egg-shaped bath and heated towel rail are beautiful and practical, while the mosaic tiling on the lip of the shower-screen and the back wall complement each other in a space that isn’t afraid to mix and mismatch tile-types. Sumptuous.

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The Tumble-Down

Sometimes there’s no point in trying to disguise and mislead, and this tumble-down grotto provides all the luxury of a spacious shower, with higgledy-piggledy walls that appear to have evolved, cave-like into an underground cavern. There’s something of the James Bond villain about this rather impressive castle-like facility, complete with telegraph pole beams and stick slatted ceiling. Perhaps you don’t need to get that wall uniformly plastered after all. As long as you’re not tampering with supporting walls, this knock-through idea would make a really surprising addition to a basement complex for cleansing and chilling out. Super.

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Natural stone

This crazy pathing makes bathing a celebration of nature’s creativity. The random placement of irregular stones adds a natural beauty to this skilfully-crafted shower space. The random texture of each individual stone makes this creation a stunning canvas of cavernous construction. The floor covering is ordered and designed for comfort under-foot, while the walls may well graze the skin if brushed upon. For hot climes, this envelopment of stone creates a cooling atmosphere that contrasts deliciously against steaming water. If your basement walls lack perfection, embrace it; and add something of nature’s erosion to the mix, for a basement bathroom that’s sure to be the envy of everyone who showers here. Miraculous.

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The Craziness Of Gaudi

OK – so this might be a little over-the-top, but if you’re a fan of themes, then this rather naughty nautical sea-scape has everything you could possibly ever want in a bathroom situated in the bowels of the home. This psychedelic color-wheel of marine tableaux is overwhelming, to say the least, but if it’s good enough for Gaudi, then perhaps we should bypass our natural horror and embrace the unique madness that all who enter this insane box of whimsy are likely to experience. The Barbie pink flooring and corner shelf couldn’t be less subtle, while the clashing fireman yellow of the bath-skin is a shocking, insipid, schizophrenic abomination. But for all its hideous, graceless, kaleidoscopic technicolor that dizzies as much as it entertains, there’s something of enormous fun to be had in the surprise of guests as they’re navigated down into a subterranean bathroom that makes you question the sanity of the proprietor. I’m not really sure of the purpose of the periscope, and I’d be a little fearful of peering through the letterbox view-finder for dread of surely seeing Narnia; but for sheer creative imagination, this Gaudi-inspired, bastardized Jackson Pollock regurgitation of dazzling color is surely something you’re unlikely to ever forget. Wow.

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The Man Cave

If your basement is the home of a man cave, then there are lots of fun ideas to be had with items that exceed their novelty value and inject some oft-neglected fun from the bathroom. Figure A shows a wonderful, upcycled barrel, with an industrial faucet that feels a welcome part of this calming swatch of natural hues. The retired beer kegs in Figure B present a novel concept for latrines (if you ever need those), while Figure C offers a great idea for the cross-sectional beauty of a beer keg.

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So, there you have it. Underground need not mean hidden, and these wonderful basement bathroom ideas are sure to get you rushing to your local architect to get those plans drawn up. From the fun to the functional, these bathrooms surely give you food for thought and inspiring ideas to transform that underground lair into a haven of comfort and (mostly) tasteful decoration. What do you think? Share this article with your friends and spark up the conversation.