5 Beautiful Attic Bathroom Sloped Ceiling Ideas

If you have your own home, the last thing you want to do is waste square footage. This is just one of the reasons many are renovating their attic spaces and turning them into bedrooms and bathrooms. That’s right. It can be more than just a storage space.

And if you think this is a fad, you couldn’t be more wrong. And the slant on the roof is not a disadvantage. Here are some attic bathroom ideas with sloped ceilings to pique your interest.

The Shower-Toilet Placement Is Key

This is our first choice, and it is designed for efficiency. Every bathroom needs a toilet. And the first thing to notice here is that it is placed along the sloped ceiling because you won’t need to stand while doing your business.

That’s where the slant is an advantage. If you’re tall, you don’t want to constantly watch your head. So, place it accordingly. The tub needs to be placed at the sharpest point of the slope. A little planning and you will have the perfect shower in your attic.

Keep It Light

Don’t try to fit too many things into this bathroom because, at the end of the day, it is in an attic which is presumably a small place to begin with. It also makes planning for each item that much harder. Minimalist is the way to go. And this one is the perfect example of that.

You don’t want to feel like you’re trapped in someone’s closet. That is nicely avoided if you have a bathtub. But make sure you have enough headroom if there’s a shower.

Utilize Wall Space

The bathroom in the attic is not your primary bathroom, it can’t be. So, what do you want to do in your second bathroom? You can keep it simple while adding a little style to it.

That’s where the walls come in. You could try anything from shelves to beadboard walls with tiled floors like the one in the picture. Hooks that can hold napkins and towels are also great additions. You get space for your toiletries without cramping your style (or the space).

Ventilation Taken Care Of

This idea is best for a barn conversion. As you probably know, these are agricultural structures that come in different shapes and have plenty of windows for ventilation. That’s a great thing for bathrooms too.

You can be bold and add glass partitions or wooden ones, depending on your interior decor style. Of course, the shower is still going to be aligned with the highest ceiling point.

Style and Comfort

And finally, we have one for those of you who have a low vaulted attic roof. This one has a lot of light, and the white beams add to how airy the look and feel of the bathroom is. It is a contemporary design, and the faucet is wall-mounted. The bath is paneled, and the white sink is coupled with a black countertop.

Attics are a great place for you to unleash the design creativity buried in you. We all have it. It’s just a matter of application. Let us know what you think of our selections in the comments section.