5 Contemporary Aqua and Grey Bathroom Ideas

Gone are the days when bathrooms used to be plastered with over-the-top wallpapers containing a host of prints and patterns.

We are now witnessing a steady departure from flashy interiors to more subtle, sophisticated ones with bathrooms leading the way.

Muted shades such as charcoal, aqua, and grey are in demand because of the effect they create. Here are 5 contemporary aqua and grey bathroom ideas for your next bathroom renovation.

An Aqua Haven

Aqua And Grey Bathroom Ideas 1
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Using aqua color in your bathroom will accentuate the style while adding a warm vibe to it. While keeping the color neutral, you can add drama by experimenting with an oval mirror.

Add plants to the bathroom decor and see them weave magic with the aqua backdrop.

Add Water-Saving Features

While it is true that bathroom renovations call for a style makeover, you must also keep in mind its functionality.

Use the time to add a couple of water-saving features to your bathroom, such as a single-handle shower faucet. These will help save water and make the bathroom look bigger.

Add a vintage aqua mirror to finish the renovation, and you will be surprised to see how well it all comes together.

Give It a Ranch-Style Makeover

If you have a small bathroom and are confused on how to best style it, consider giving the space a ranch-style makeover.

However, there is a twist. You don’t have to create an actual ranch using wood.

Use muted shades such as aqua and grey while keeping the structure of a ranch. This will be the perfect amalgamation of tradition and modernity in the decor.

Go Vintage

Aqua And Grey Bathroom Ideas 4
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Nothing screams style and substance like a vintage bathroom. Besides, it is easy to create a vintage bathroom, contrary to popular opinion.

Think of candles (or a big chandelier), a big bathtub, and muted shades such as aqua and grey. Go for a classic, old-school mirror. You should be able to create a mental mood board such as the evocative power of these elements.

All you have to do is to translate your vision into reality.

Keep It Aqua, Keep It Cool

Aqua And Grey Bathroom Ideas 5
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There is something magical about the color aqua. It works particularly well for bathrooms because it blends seamlessly with water.

Start by choosing a simple aqua wallpaper that will instantly lift the whole space up. Add cabinets and cupboards in lighter hues of aqua. Finish by adding a few plants in rustic pots to add a distinct edge.

If you like the above ideas, feel free to share them with your friends and family. Use these ideas to give your bathroom a new look. We would also like to know which ideas stood out for you and what made them appealing.