8 Wonderful Blue Bathroom Ideas

8 Wonderful Blue Bathroom Ideas

Have you been wondering how to make your bathroom seem more inviting and comfortable for yourself, your family members and guests? A blue bathroom makeover may be just the thing, and we have pulled some of the best blue bathroom ideas the internet has to offer to give you our top picks. Browse on to hopefully find something that inspires you to start remodelling your bathroom.

Busy Bathroom

Yes, this is a very busy room, but it doesn’t become too crowded thanks to the soft colours and solid stretches of blue and white. That allows all that pattern work and the features to not only stand out but to look great in a small space.

via orlandohomeandgarden.com


There is no way this bathroom would work as effectively as it does if it weren’t for the natural light that’s allowed in. The hues of blue and white that were chosen are perfect for making this small space feel a bit roomier, especially since the colours are taking advantage of the vertical features.

via bycolours.co.uk

Decorative Space

This is a perfect example of how to make a bunch of nick knacks and decorative touches not look too kitschy or crowded. By using a simple colour scheme, the room looks great despite all the stuff going on in it.

via Decoholic

Brick Beauty

Doesn’t brick just make everything feel so much cosier, or is that just us? It certainly adds some personality to this relatively simple room, and the fact that they are blue just makes us adore this bathroom even more.

via Homegirl London

Keep It Elegant

Not all great blue bathroom ideas have to be complex or involve the entire bathroom. This is just a slice of what’s possible with a strong colour scheme and some classy fixtures.

via DecorPad

Glass Features

This truly grown-up bathroom feel very clean and accessible thanks to the many glass features. The blue colour scheme and delightful prints ensure that it doesn’t feel too austere or serious, as some modern bathrooms can become.

via Home Bunch

Brown and Royal Blue

We just love blue bathroom ideas that incorporate wood feature and then contrast them with navy blue hues. This one pulls it off nicely and then does the smart thing by having some light accents in there so that it never feels too dark.

via Start Preventivi

The Digital Age

The shower immediately reminded us of a wall of pixels and contributed to the very contemporary look of the rest of the bathroom. The clean lines and solid white colour scheme for much of the bathroom looks about as modern as you can get without veering into avant garde.

via Interior Design

There you have it. Did you see any blue shower ideas that make you want to start changing up your bathroom right away? Tell us all about it and then be sure to share this list on social media and with your friends so that they can enjoy these lovely shower ideas as well.


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