8 Superb Rustic Bathroom Ideas

If you would like to make your home feel more comfortable and boost its resale value, then a rustic bathroom remodel might help. We have gathered up the choice selections of rustic bathroom ideas that were scattered all across Pinterest and brought them to you in one, handy list for your perusal. Enjoy!

Warm and Cosy

It is the colours here that really sell this bathroom more than anything. They are warm and welcoming and fit right in with the wooden, rustic vibe of the room.

via ArchitectureArtDesigns

Dreaming of Wood

Does it feel like you have stepped into a wood shop with this bathroom? It’s the most comfortable and cosy wood shop we’ve ever been in, though, and we just love the country atmosphere of the room.

Stone Tub Focus

We can’t help but stare at the beautiful stone tub. The wooden backdrop really sells us on the whole thing, but who wouldn’t want to take a dip in that tub. We imagine it feels like stepping into a hot spring or a cool creek, thanks to the outdoors aesthetic.

via Diy and Crafts Magazine

The Natural Look

Now, this is making use of your surroundings, as it takes something that might be discarded from your back yard and turns it into a lovely counter for the sink. It’s the bit of green there that really sells it, though and makes us want to make this our own bathroom immediately.

via onekindesign.com

Stupendous Stonework

We adore rustic bathroom ideas that make use of beautiful stonework. That, to our eyes, is the best way to give a room a rustic feel and to bring the outdoors inside in a wonderful way.

via Woohome

Cosy Lighting

Everything works here because of how it keeps to a common theme. The designers obviously wanted something that felt comfortable, and they kept the lighting dim and relaxing and the colours of the walls a darker hue to ensure that it all tied together.

via Loft Doors

Keeping It Clean

Sometimes, stonework and wood can make a room look messy, particularly the bathroom, if not done right. However, the inclusion of the stark, white tub ensures that there can be no mistake about how clean this room is kept.

via Foam & Bubbles

A Splash of Colour

Many times, the best bet to make a fairly modern room look rustic is to add some natural touches, which is done where with the plant and flooring. It’s a wonderful meeting of two unique styles in a way that is completely congruous.

via dustjacket-attic.com

We picked them, now you can tell us about them. We hope you found one to love and were inspired to change up some things in your own bathroom. Or perhaps you know a friend who might want to see this list. Be sure to pass it on and share these great rustic bathroom ideas.