8 Innovative Master Bathroom Ideas

Are you looking to change up your master bathroom with a sophisticated, new look? Maybe it’s looked the same way for a long time and it’s due for a change. Maybe you just want to update the bathroom to help it match up with the rest of the house. Perhaps you just have extra cash to spend and you think a bathroom remodel would be a good way to burn through it. We have a few ideas that may inspire you on what direction to go with your bathroom. We’ve scoured the web for the best ideas from the brightest minds to give you our top picks for bathroom ideas that go beyond the commonplace and mundane.

Your master bathroom not only has to evoke your personal sense of style, but it should also feel comfortable and functional. Here are a few great ideas to take your master bathroom to the next level. You can use these whether you want to upgrade your current bathroom in a few small ways, incorporating only some of the ideas into it, or if you want to start from scratch and remodel the entire thing.

Grey Bathroom Tiling

This sophisticated grey look is all about creating a high end atmosphere for the entire bathroom. The finished product exudes a clean look, with uncomplicated and clearly delineated lines, that is instantly appealing.

via homebunch.com

Contemporary Look

The clean and minimalist look of modern design meets the revered classics with a standalone tub for two. The sense of space is enormous here, making even smaller bathrooms in this style look roomy and inviting.

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Brick Finish

Here’s a standout look that uses a somewhat rough brick appearance and low lighting to create a very welcoming and private feeling to the bathroom. The simplistic design is perfect for decorating up and accessorizing, so those homeowners who like to bring a lot of themselves out in each room are able to go wild.

via gmtoday.com

Jacuzzi In Shower

The notion of placing a jacuzzi in a shower is a novel one and perfect for people who want their bathroom to stand out. The textures that make up the edges of this shower gives it a more complex appearance and help to minimize the oddity of having the jacuzzi there.

via Pink Little Notebook

Spa Inspiration

Taking the idea of a luxurious spa and incorporating it into the bathroom makes for a visually arresting look. This is another bathroom that can really come to life with the right accents scattered around it. It can be as simple or as elegant as you want to make it.

via HGTV

Dividing Wall

A door-less shower is definitely contemporary, but it may take some getting used to. It makes the room feel more like a public bath than a private area, eschewing the traditional shower borders and separated shower section for something more open.

via brightside.me

A Trip Back In Time

If you want to evoke the old-timey look of a classy master bathroom that might be found in a Victorian mansion, then this is the look for you. The shelving can become both functional and decorative, and the simple tub design and placement has an instantly recognizable appeal.

via entirelyeventfulday.com

Inset Shower Shelves

Once again taking a more contemporary design to the idea of a master bathroom, this one uses inset shelving to create a great sense of space. The dark tiling pulls it all back, though, giving you a personal space that can feel quite cosy.

via xstylesbath.com

Do any of these feel like they are going to be something you would choose to take your master bathroom to the next level? We know it can be a struggle figuring out which of them is the right fit for you, so we advise you to share your indecision with the other readers in the comments section. Don’t forget to share this list on your social media sites so your friends can put in their thoughts as well.