8 Homey Country Bathroom Ideas

8 Homey Country Bathroom Ideas

Does your bathroom need a touch of country in it? Not all bathrooms have to be boring, feasibly forgotten affairs. You can make this room a showcase of style and sophistication while presenting some country charm too. Here are some of the very best country bathroom ideas we could find, listed for your enjoyment. Hopefully you have as much fun browsing this list as we did putting it together.

Free-Standing Bath

This romantic bathroom hearkens back to the good old days and looks good doing it. From the mirror features to the faucets, everything in here was chosen for its authenticity and sense of antiquity and elegant style.

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Earthy Tones

Out of all the country bathroom ideas presented here, this one brings in the earthiest, most outdoorsy looks. We adore the idea of using aluminium buckets for the sinks, and the wood accents all over the room just make us feel like we are on a farm.

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Modern Country

There is nothing about this bathroom that screams country style, which can be a really good way to go, especially in a mostly contemporary home. It drew us in with its simplicity and the few small touches that evoke the country look.

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Country Living

The trimming and lower panelling really sell this as a country bathroom, then the prints and flooring take it to the next level and really give this spacious bathroom some personality. More than anything, we love how roomy the bathroom is and how all the space that’s there is used well.

via Town and Country Living

Textured Treat

Because there is not a lot of space in this bathroom, everything was kept simple. There are a lot of different textures going on around the bathroom, but they all fit the country style, and there isn’t a sense of overcrowding or a feeling like too much is going on.

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Iron Bathroom Fixture

We just love the decorative work that went into this sink. The actual sink and faucet are very simple affairs, which makes them really stand out against the ironwork and stylistic touches going on all around it.

via Foam & Bubbles

Bathroom Magic

This comes close to being too busy, as far as country bathroom ideas go, but some solid colours for most of the bathroom help to offset the gorgeous and very decorative wall tiles around the tub.

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Wooden Space

If you want to connect with nature in the bathroom, then this one certainly lets you do that. All the wood features are wonderful and not overdone, thanks to some smart colour choices and a simple tub.

via Wealden Times

How many of these made you feel like you were out in the country? How many of them made you want to have your own little cute, country bathroom? Wherever you live, these would be great additions to any home, and if you agree, please let us know which one sparked your interest in the comments below.


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