8 Classy Country Bathroom Ideas

8 Classy Country Bathroom Ideas

A cottage style bathroom brings with it notions of simplicity, of a welcoming home and a friendly personality. If you would like your bathroom to have those kinds of characteristics, then you should give our list of classy cottage bathroom ideas a look. We have compiled these from all over Pinterest, picking only our top finds for inclusion.

The Cottage Look

The cute decorative handles on the windows and the quaint cupboard are just a couple of items that really add to the country charm of this cosy little bathroom. It simply feels so inviting.

via boutiquebaths.com.au

Packed but Tidy

A bathroom that’s filled to the brim with stuff doesn’t have to feel crowded. This one makes great use of space by putting essentials in classy country containers, creating an atmosphere with storage space.

via bhg.com

Cosy Room

Even if this bathroom looked out onto a bustling metropolis, it would still feel like a cottage bathroom, and we would still find it incredibly inviting and warm. The soft colours scheme and wooden baskets definitely contribute to that cosy feeling.

via housetohome.co.uk

Roll Top Bath

The old style roll top bath is a big part of why this ranks on our list of cottage bathroom ideas. The whole room has a cottagey feel that comes from not just the design and fixtures, but also from the rug and brickwork.

via dovcorbathrooms.co.uk

The Big One

The bath takes centre stage in this bathroom, demanding your attention, but made slightly more welcoming, thanks to the wooden details of the room and the perfectly placed flower arrangements.

via thestudioatharrods.com

Blue and White Escape

Everything is kind of funnelled in this bathroom, leading straight to the bathtub. It’s a smart design choice for what could otherwise feel like a constricting room, and the features along the upper wall draw the attention away from the small floor space.

via orlandohomeandgarden.com

Stressed Wood Creates Character

We’re big fans of antique-looking wood, and we love the white flower with dark stems that help to give this a very stark and monotone look. The little details and imperfections are what makes the room inviting, despite its cold colours.

via Roomble com

Soft-Hued Surroundings

Everything about this bathroom has been chosen to make it seem warm and welcoming. The colours are not the only things that’s soft about it; there are other features and touches that add to the softness and make this a bathroom you feel relaxed in.

via The Wood Grain Cottage

That was our list of the very best in cottage bathroom ideas. Of course, there are many more out there, and we’ve probably looked at a number of them, but we chose these because of how they speak to us. If any of them spoke to you in a special way, please fill us in down in the comments.

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