7 Beautiful White Bathroom Ideas

7 Beautiful White Bathroom Ideas

Who doesn’t love a bathroom that’s sparking clean and looks immaculate? Bathrooms done up in a white theme are able to look spectacular when designed well and kept clean. At the same time, such white bathroom ideas can go awry when made too stark. We’ve put together a list of the best white bathrooms that we felt pulled off the colour perfectly.

White with Accents

This lovely bathroom would have ended up being too cold looking if it wasn’t for the soft touches, such as the glass shower door, the bits of foliage and the brickwork. Together, they turn it onto something that is warm and welcoming.

via Hawthorne and Main

Vertical Style

The many vertical shapes in this room make it very classy. From the showerhead piping to the different plants, everything seems designed to make the space seem tall, which can keep a monotone room from looking too restrictive.

via Nyde

Bath Cave

We have heard of a man cave before, but never a bath cave. This room uses intentionally rugged features to create a natural-looking space but one that still keeps the clean aesthetic of the white motif.

via Unique Home Stays

Brickwork Made Classy

We have seen a lot of white bathroom ideas where the bricks just looked unsightly even when covered in white paint. These are completely smooth tiles made to look like bricks that add an air of sophistication to everything.

Standout Features

The sink is a real eye catcher. Its stark metal look stands in contrast to the white colour pallet at work here, but some good things need to be said about that “fence” behind it as well.

via katelavie.com

Regal Bathroom

Here is a perfect example of one of the white bathroom ideas that would look very messy if it weren’t for some classy touches. That hanging light is such a touch, and it ensures the whole room looks elegant and refined.

via luxurybathrooms.eu

Wood and White

There is no better combination, to our minds, than white and light wood colours. They pair together in a way that looks clean and modern and evokes natural elements. We just can’t get enough of the duo.

So, now that you’ve seen the list, what do you think? Is there one that stands out to you as a must have for your own house? Or do you know someone who would live these white bathroom ideas for their own home. Comment and share as you like.

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