5 Simple Ideas to Hide your Basement Furnace

A perfect home is a careful balance of aesthetics and functionality. It must be pleasing to look at, a beautiful space to unwind and relax after a busy day while also taking care of all the mundane necessities.

If you are thinking of revamping your basement and not treating it as a dumping space, here are a few ideas to hide your furnace in the basement.

Hide It behind a Curtain

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If you don’t have a big revamping budget, do not worry. It is a myth that home renovation always requires a lot of money. You can simply hide your furnace behind a beautiful curtain.

For best results, make sure to choose a color and pattern that is in sync with the rest of the basement elements.

It is easy, cheap, and does not require external help.

Zip It Up with a Closet

Another smart way of hiding your furnace is by constructing small closets to give the space a new look.

There are tons of closet ideas you can work with, right from small monotone closets that create the illusion of bigger space to choosing some modern closets that don’t even look like one.

You won’t spend a fortune on these but at the same will get a modern, neat, and pretty space.

Make It a Part of the Space

One way you can revamp your basement is by hiding the furnace. Do it by incorporating it into the design itself.

This works for furnaces that are not built in a corner (in which case the above two methods work better). If your furnace is in the middle of the basement, you can simply cover it up by making it a part of your space and decor.

You will need to tread carefully and can even consult a professional if there is a need and you are short of ideas.

Go for a Screen

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Simply put a screen on your furnace to give the space a neat appearance.

You can choose from the traditional screens to the modern ones depending on your taste, aesthetic style, and budget.

These screens are easy to move and can be installed in another part of the house instantly, which also makes them multifunctional.

Enclosures Work Well

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Enclosures are a great way to cover your furnace, especially if it is a finished one.

You can choose from metallic enclosures, wooden enclosures or even get one custom-made to match the rest of the decor.

This method is slightly expensive compared to others but is also more durable.

Now that you know several ideas for covering your furnace, make sure to also install a drain pan to ensure there are no leakages.