5 Neat Curtain Ideas for Small Basement Windows

Usually, basements have odd-sized and oddly positioned windows, making them a challenge to dress and make them look much nicer, especially if you’re planning to convert your basement into an entertainment area, family room, or home office.

Window curtains are a fantastic way by which you can give your basement a complete makeover and liven it up. If your basement has small windows and you are having trouble deciding how to go about decorating it. Don’t panic! We’re here to help you with our curtain ideas for small basement windows that can solve your window woes.

Short and Sweet Curtains

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Refresh your basement décor with the functional and stylish short window curtain. The curtains have a contemporary, chic design with grommets that allow you to put them up very easily. The classic off-white-colored curtains will let in ample light making your basement light and airy.

Ruched Curtains

These pretty ruched curtains can completely transform your basement space. They are an especially great option for small basement windows. The curtains made of sheer white material not only look cool and classy but also let in a lot of light. And the fitted, ruched style gives your windows a nice, streamlined look.

Red and White Paneled Curtains

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These red and white paneled curtains with the bold red and white embroidered trellis pattern are sure to make your basement room pop. The red and off-white curtains stand out against the cream-colored walls. Along with a red patterned sofa, table lamp, and decorative pieces, the curtains are sure to add charm and personality to your basement, while making it more lively too.

Dramatic Long Curtains

The long curtains with their sunny yellow and white stripes are guaranteed to make your basement room cheerful and bright. The floor-length curtains not only help to add visual length to the room and add plenty of texture.

The curtains are mounted on rods and can be left open to let in a good amount of light. You can hang a vertical mirror or art to make the window look much larger than it is.

Recessed Window Curtains

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If your basement has small recessed windows high up, then using long paneled curtains on either side of the windows gives the room an elegant and sophisticated look and feel.

Using light, off-white-colored curtains complements the cream-colored walls and makes the basement look larger and brighter. You can offset the off-white walls and curtains with a dark-colored sofa with colorful throw pillows and cushions to add color to your room.

Now, you can make use of your basement space and convert it into a snug and cozy living space where you can chill out with your family. Putting up curtains in your basement can take the room décor to the next level.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our round-up of the best curtain ideas for small basement windows. Write below in the comments section which idea you liked best, and if you liked the article, do share it with your friends and family.