Loft Conversion Before and After Pictures

Loft conversations are a great way of adding space to your property; more than that, the best loft conversion ideas will add value to a given property, this along with providing a tranquil space within which one can escape from the noise of the world.

There is a whole world of functions for which lofts can be used; from playrooms to offices, libraries and so much more, the purposes for which one might convert their loft are only limited by their creativity and imagination. Hopefully these loft conversion before and after pictures will help inspire your own loft conversion ideas.

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Professionals within the construction industry have been known to encourage property owners to add a mezzanine level to their lofts, the idea being to increase floor space. One might even contemplate removing a considerable portion of the ceiling altogether with the aim of generating extra space with which they could construct a bathroom.

Storage space should be prioritized during loft conversions, primarily because space is often scarce in most lofts; as such, to save space for storage purposes, one is encouraged to restrict their purchase options to furniture that also doubles as storage; ottomans, for instance, provide interior compartments for storage purposes, this along with beds boasting built-in drawers beneath. In the absence of space for a spare bedroom, one might also consider investing in sofa beds for guests.

Any property owner whose loft opens onto a flat roof shouldn’t misuse the opportunity to transform this space to further complement changes made to the loft. A flat rooftop can make for quite the decent garden space. And one might also consider adding a small balcony, this adding further adding value to one’s property.

Unlike attic spaces, lofts do not have the advantage of proper insulation; typically situated at the highest point, and exposed to heat and light, one should consider investing in heat reflective windows along with window coverings; the idea is to keep the temperature stable even while blocking light.

One’s approach to styling their loft will depend on the objectives they have in mind; while modern furnishings will create a sense of openness, traditional furnishings are perfect for a cozy comfortable space. The key is to style one’s loft moderately, without overdoing things. By restricting one’s choices to a select few items, the loft is unlikely to feel confined.

Loft conversations are a complicated business, introducing more considerations than most people are willing to make; however, when they are approached and executed properly, the results are often more than worth the cost and effort, especially for those individuals with an eye for design.