Ideas for Attic Kids Rooms

If you decide to put your kids up in the attic, then you’ll want to turn that space into a great room for them. Generally, the attic isn’t the most welcoming room in the house, but you can make yours perfect for your kids with these design ideas.

Brighten It Up

Attics tend to be dark places, but they don’t have to be. Open up the windows as much as possible, leaving only thin, light curtains to allow in as much light as you can. It can help paint the attic in white or other bright colors to reflect light better. This also gets rid of a lot of dark spaces. Using light colored furniture and furnishings also brings more light into the room and makes it far more cheerful and friendly. Make use of natural sunlight as much as possible for the warmest look.

For many kid’s attic rooms, going with an almost entirely white aesthetic is a good choice. That is going to help reflect natural light very well, brightening up the room and eliminating the need for a lot of additional light sources. But you don’t want to forget to have a little color in there as well. A splash of pink, red or blue into the room can really add some flair and make it more appealing. A pink dresser, red punching bag or blue bean chair are all great accessories to insert some color into an otherwise plain but inviting room.

Pitched Wall

A pitched roof creates a unique wall shape, and that’s perfect for creating a focal point for the room. You can make that wall into a feature wall by using artsy wallpaper or woodland designs on the wall. This creates an interesting backdrop to the room and can give it a bigger sense of space. That wall shouldn’t go unfurnished, though. Be sure to put shelves, bookcases and other great storage features on it to make the most of your space. You can cover up the art a bit when you do that, but that is fine so long as you can still see some if it poking through.

Sleeping Nook

Not all attic kids rooms are going to have a lot of space. Some roofs are simply too steep to allow that. This means you’ll have to take advantage of the space you have and use it in the most economical way possible. You can create what is essentially a cozy sleeping space in the little room you have available. You may just have room for a small bed and a wall hanging, but don’t forget to make use of the tip of the triangular space in the room. You can hang things from the ceiling or just decorate along the entire wall. You can also store items like backpacks and toys along the sides and ceiling of the room by holding them in with hooks and fasteners.

To give yourself even more space in this sleeping nook, you can use a fold up or fold away day bed. Look for foldaway features like this you can use to save space and create more room when you don’t need certain items.