5 Useful Garage Attic Storage Ideas

If you feel like there are too many things in the house and not enough space, one of your obvious choices for storage is going to be your attic. It’s either that or renting a storage unit. If you don’t want to shell out extra bucks, you just need to get a little creative managing your attic.

If you’re too fried to think of ways to do that on your own, here are some garage attic storage ideas.

One Big Shelf

This is quite simply the easiest of them all. If you like to build things, consider making one large shelf that can fit items of any shape and size. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything from Christmas ornaments to bicycles. Get a couple of rafters and fix it up. Easy-peasy.

Shelf Kit with Loft Ledges

Useful Garage Attic Storage Ideas 2
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If that’s not doing it for you, consider a shelf with loft ledges. This one not only helps increase storage space in your attic but also helps prevent compression due to insulation. It is a great choice for any trussed roof loft as they can handle a good deal of weight.

Get yourself a shelf kit because they come with the screws and the chipboard. If you can find one made of recycled materials, even better.

Attic Lift

Useful Garage Attic Storage Ideas 3
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A lot of new homes are opting for attic lifts. These are essentially platform lifts that are great to move and store for heavy items. And they are safe and easy to operate too. Many of them, if not all, are connected to a motor which helps you move it without much effort. This also eliminates the danger of taking heavy items up the stairs.

Rafters on the Ceiling

Not a lot of people are comfortable with storage items hanging from the ceiling. But that problem can be solved by using rafters. This is a great way to store items that are taken out only a few times every year. You think you don’t need some of them but come that time of the year, and you end up buying replacements.

Instead, put them in a storage box and hang them up in the attic. Takes away no space from the rest of the room either.

DIY Chair-Shaped Shelves

Useful Garage Attic Storage Ideas 5
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And finally, you can get some wooden planks and customize them according to your needs. As you can see in the picture, cut some planks thin and place them in a T shape. The top of the ‘T’ is along the slanted ceiling, and the other one is planted on the ground. This gives it stability.

Place a few of them in a row with gaps in between. Attach a bench, like the base of a chair, in between two ‘T’s so that it looks like a chair. Get some storage boxes and place them on and under your chair-like shelves. Lots of space with style.

There is no end to the number of things you can do with an empty space in an attic. All you need is a little inspiration. If you’ve been inspired too, we’d love to hear the ideas you’ve implemented in your attic. Let us know in the comments below.