5 Handy DIY Attic Storage Ideas

Do you need some more storage space in your house that you want to create on your own? Go through this specially curated list of five DIY attic storage ideas that will solve all of your storage needs.

Honestly, we are always looking for more storage in our house. Things just keep piling up and they need to be put somewhere safe. So, we understand how important it is to find functional and affordable options.

Now, let’s take a look at some great ideas!

Smart Horizontals

Attics can be awkward because of their triangular rafters. However, there is a great way to get around these. By installing long horizontal shelves from one wall to another, you can make ample and smart use of that space by storing some small-sized supplies that you don’t necessarily use regularly.

This will also add an efficient and clean look to the attic.

Sleek Eave Shelving

DIY Attic Storage Ideas 2
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Between the wooden eaves in your attic, a long, sleek wooden shelf can easily fit from one end to the other, acting as a smooth surface to store your belongings.

This will look natural and fit right in with the wooden elements of your attic. It will be sturdy for your small to medium-sized objects such as books, cleaning supplies, and more.

Simple and Secure Shelves

DIY Attic Storage Ideas 3
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You can easily buy shelf kits that are extremely simple to install and convenient to use. By attaching wooden ledges on shelf legs between each eave, you can make yourself some storage space in very little time.

To manage these shelves better, you can simply place items in big plastic storage boxes and then place each of these boxes on each shelf.

Angled Cabinets

Using plywood, you can build angled cabinets along the walls of your attic. You simply need to take the appropriate measurements, cut up the plywood and clamp it all together.

These cabinets will comfortably fit in your attic and will also serve as helpful storage spaces for all your belongings.

Layered Shelving

Along your attic walls, you can build vertical layered shelves that look like a short ladder or staircase. We love that these include two or three shelves in each column. This saves a lot of room in your attic while offering extra storage space.

To make it easier, you can place boxes full of your things on each of these shelves.

We love these simple DIY ideas for creating attic storage space efficiently. If you enjoyed these and think that you can make these for your own attic, we would love to know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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