Creative Attic Storage Ideas

Do you find yourself always tripping over boxes in the attic to get to what you want? Do you have to unstack large piles of stuff to find just what you are looking for every time you enter the attic? These storage ideas can help you organize your attic space and make it easier to find the items you need up there when you need them.

Consider Entry Space

One of the biggest obstacles in any attic is the entryway organization. If you have items in the attic piled up all the way to the entrance, you’ll never find what you are looking for unless it’s right at the front. You’ll end up getting frustrated and giving up looking for what you need because there is so much stuff in the way right at the start.

So when you go to organize your attic, make sure a clear entryway is a priority. This will cut down on your frustration and ensure that you can more easily find what you are looking for. It’s also a safety consideration, as having items stacked up near the entrance can block the door and lean up against the entrance, making the attic inaccessible.

Truss Shelves

Your attic probably has too much stuff piled all over the floor and it may seem nearly impossible to find the one thing you came to look for. If you install truss shelves, you can clear up a lot of the clutter and save tons of space. These shelves work with the conventional attic design, making the most of the space available. Best of all, they allow you to store items in layers without having to unpack everything to get to the item on the bottom. You can make these shelves even more useful by packing loose attic items up in tubs or boxes. Just be sure to label those containers for when you need to find something you put in them.

Make an Inventory

Are you constantly forgetting just what you have in the attic? Do you go up there only to come back out after a long time searching and feel unsure as to whether what you went to look for was even up there to begin with? You may benefit from an attic inventory. This is a list of all the things in your attic, and you can find sample sheets on a few different websites. The inventory sheet should give you room to write a description of the item and where it is located. For better organization, you can label sections of your attic and mark the inventory sheet accordingly.

One way to do that would be to place small stickers or placards over each section of the attic. Just divide the room up into 4-8 sections and label each section accordingly. This will make it much easier to find just what you are looking for and will save you a lot of time and energy next time you want to find something in the attic.