5 Cheap Attic Flooring Ideas

Everyone who wants a little extra storage space thinks about getting an attic. But it also needs flooring that can support the weight of whatever it is you want to put in the attic. That is a critical factor to consider when you are thinking about decking.

If you were looking for cheap attic flooring ideas, here are some thoughts.

Painted Planks

This is a simple yet attractive way to deck the flooring of your attic. Get some wooden planks and paint them in a color that goes with the colors in the rest of the room. It is sturdy and can handle the weight of some light furniture, whether it is a couch or a small bed. The picture taken by Andrew Sullivan for The New York Times tells the whole story.

Plywood Turned Hardwood

This is a bit of a secret. Not many people know that plywood can actually be used for flooring purposes. That’s right. If you go through enough flooring options on Pinterest, you will see that there are some rather elegant solutions.

You can get these sheets in any store like a Home Depot, and you will usually find them under the tri-ply underlayment category. They are smooth when you touch them, and you will see that they come in many wood grain variations along with knots. So, plenty of options. These markings give the place a nice rustic look. Give it a shot.

Plywood Planks

Here’s another plywood option that is also easily affordable since that’s what we are talking about today. Most of them can be installed right away, so it’s really easy for those of you who like to do these things yourself. Just make sure you clean the subfloor before installing. Clean it well and paint it if that’s your design preference. You will need a few tools and tutorials to get it done, but in the end, it works out quite well.

Get a Little Quirky

This type of flooring is also cheap because what you are looking at are the vinyl planks of woodland oak. You will be able to source them in the form of planks, and from there you will need to cut them into size. In the picture, you are looking at a herringbone pattern. It is affordable, elegant and adds a little style to the attic space without burning a hole through your pocket.

Paper Flooring

Cheap Attic Flooring Ideas 5
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Our final choice is also a do-it-yourself option which is great for new floors and also makeovers. That’s because it does not take too long to install it. The one in the picture took only three hours to put together. That’s just the first of the many impressive things about it.

Another thing is that it is a paper floor that is put together by mixing water and glue. Put that together with brown contractor’s paper and voila! There you have it. It dries overnight too. You will need to add polyurethane between coats the next day. And you’re done.

If you like what you’ve seen so far and have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment. And while you’re at it, maybe share this piece for the others who are missing out on these affordable flooring ideas.