5 Smart Attic Shelving Ideas

Once you have an attic, it is time to dress it up a bit. And while some choose to look at the attic itself as storage space only, others like to make a room out of it with some additional storage. If you like shelves and were looking for attic shelving ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at your options.

Pull-Out Closets

Attic Shelving Ideas 1
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Have you ever heard of a pull-out closet? These are like drawers, but they are vertical and instead of having a door like a closet does, they can be pulled out. It is very efficient if you want to hang your clothes instead of folding them. Like a regular closet, they also have shelves where you can fold the smaller pieces of clothing.

And if you are not looking to store clothes at all, you can design the shelf in whichever way you want to fit the items of your choice. Either way, this is an extremely space-efficient way of putting shelves in your attic.

Against the Wall

This one is a classic. Honestly, it works just as fine in any space, not just the attic. Just because you are looking for shelves in your attic doesn’t mean you have to abandon the traditional ways. The only difference here is that you probably don’t have the advantage of height like you would in a regular room. So, you might have fewer shelves. But you can make up for that horizontally.

Place it against the wall, and horizontal shelves will work in any shape – even the conical top of an attic.

Open Shelving

This is for those of you who like walk-in closets no matter which room of the house. In fact, a lot of unused attic spaces are being converted into walk-in closets so that you have the space to keep all your things, including your clothes, and change with privacy. You don’t end up disturbing anyone who is still asleep while you have to get dressed. It’s a pretty nifty solution.

Bed and Storage Under the Slanting Ceiling

If your goal is to maximize space in a different part of the house, put the attic to good use. In this one, you will see that you can use the slanted ceiling to your advantage by turning it into a bed and storage space. If you have someone fighting you to turn it into a reading nook while you want it to be a storage space, well, you can place some drawers under the bed space and use it for both purposes. Everyone wins.

Nice Little Cubicles

This is another walk-in closet idea that especially takes the slanted ceiling into account. You can line the shelves along with wooden beams. Make a grid out of it and use it for those tens of shoes you have. And don’t cover it up because something this cool must be put on display.

There is no end to the number of smart storage options when it comes to building shelves in an attic. If you have more ideas, let us know in the comments below.