5 Practical Attic Organization Ideas

If, like us, you want to organize your attic better and in a more practical way, then these five attic organization ideas are exactly what you need.

We truly appreciate the way each of these ideas offers different ways in which we can all organize our attic to suit our needs better. Carrying these ideas out will make storage and movement a lot easier in the attic.

Let’s take a look at each of these ideas.

Clean Layers

In small attics, you can install multiple shelves, one on top of the other, leaving some space between each. These wooden shelves will make your attic look neater, considerably easing your storage woes.

With these shelves, you can store your items in a compact space. The layering will also keep the rest of your attic floor free, allowing you to move around smoothly.

Consistent Wire Shelving

Attic Organization Ideas 2
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By installing long wire shelves from one end of an attic wall to another between the rafters, you can now make use of that part of your attic that you thought was out of bounds.

Wire shelves are some of the easiest to install. They also take up very little overall space in your attic, making storage and navigation easier.

Boxed Shelves

If you can find plastic shelves with multiple cabinets, then these will be a very practical use of space in your attic. You can easily move these shelves from one place to another.
Within these cabinets, you can place boxed items and store them there until you need to use them. Label these boxes to make them easier to identify.

Ladder Shelves

We love that this idea makes use of the trusses of the attic as well. By installing shelves on top of each other in the shape of a ladder or staircase, you can easily place your storage containers on these.

This won’t even take up any extra space in your attic—you simply need to make use of the existing attic structures.

Packed in the Rafters

If you have a few objects or boxes that you don’t access regularly, you can consider attaching them to your rafter ceilings. Simply buy some brackets, bolt them to the rafters and place your boxes or objects in these brackets.

This is great for things you don’t use often but must keep, just in case you might need them later.

We hope that these ideas were as useful to you as they were to us. We love that these ideas make use of all nooks and corners of the attic, including the rafters and the trusses.

If you found these ideas and tricks useful and practical, do let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Feel free to share this around to add to people’s convenience!