7 Creative Attic Storage Ideas

Attics make fantastic, stylish living spaces but are all too often relegated to storerooms that are locked away and forgotten about. The characterful gable ceiling creates a cozy chamber for chilling when converted into a snug; an extraordinarily private home office that feels like a place of work, rather than a backroom in the home; or a beautiful bedroom beavered away from the bustle of the bosom of the house.

Usable space, however, depends on the extent of the conversion. If there’s a dormer window, you maximize head height, utilizing literally every square inch of space for living. But if you don’t have a dormer and effectively just board out the rafters and create a sturdy floor for use as an additional, occasional room, then there’s lots of usable space that remains hidden behind the boarded voids.

We’ve found some truly ingenious attic storage ideas that make the most of your clandestine chambers, so that you get that totally uncluttered space to work, rest, and play; and store things away.

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Wow. This space is spilling over with natural light that brings immense energy and airiness to this fantastic, converted loft-space. The full-length Velux windows are a master-stroke of spacial augmentation, making optimum use of the floorspace while flooding this beautiful room with daylight during waking hours; with blinds for privacy that would make this room cozy and snug at night. This is genuinely THE perfect snug for chilling – with beautiful storage solutions confined to the far end of the room.  The built-in bookcase is a studious nod to the intended functionality of this sumptuous sanctuary, while the gable triangles either side are primed for additional book space and lamps that spill out ambient light; warming up those dark evenings, curled up with a novel. The armchair with faux fur throw is so welcoming that you’re likely to take a seat and read a book from cover to cover without even noticing it’s gone dark outside. Spectacular and stylish. I want to live here.

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If your wardrobe is bursting at the seams and you just can’t find enough shelves for your shoes, the attic-space idea is the obvious location in which to expand your collection of couture. This pull-out wardrobe idea makes maximum use of awkward angles and gives you ample scope for those chunky, autumnal jumpers and suits. This attic is relatively compact; however, it’s perfect for anyone who requires stylish storage in tight spaces. The color scheme is little leaden for a confined space, however: in small rooms, it’s generally recommended to opt for lighter colors that enhance the impression of space. The reds highlight a distinct sense of confinement, diminishing the luxury of this clever dressing room. However, this slide-in slide-out wardrobe is one of the most ingenious methods of maximizing attic space that we’ve seen. Great.

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Well, I thought I’d seen it all. This is quite likely the most ingenious use of wasted space that we’ve seen on Houspire. The bed disappears into the depths of the gable: it’s an amazingly simple idea that I can’t believe we haven’t seen before, taking savvy storage to another level! This beautiful space would be perfect as a yoga studio or a rehearsal room – and they’ve ensured that every inch of the floor is usable. Beds that are required solely for occasional use take up unnecessary floor space, so tucking it away completely makes total sense. The bed is accompanied by plenty of adjacent cupboard space and a single-height bookcase. This room is bright, airy, energetic, and calming – perfect for dog down! Sublime.

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These funky cupboards make shrewd use of the wasted space that’s too low for standing, but perfect for stashing your gear. The doors match the color of the walls, so when they’re closed, the storage solution dissolves into a zesty expanse of white. These cupboards might struggle to contain a full-length raincoat or ball gown, but provide ample space for hanging suits, shirts, trousers, and skirts. The drawers are a handy addition – again, all tucked into the wall, providing plenty of uncluttered floor space. The bright, airy chamber is enhanced with skylight windows which flood this chasm of white with additional light, giving this brilliant bedroom a powerful energy that is sure to paint a smile on your face each time you wake up here. There’s even a shelf for your shoes in this smart storage solution. Bright.

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The bespoke wardrobe, here, is built directly into the gable roof, providing a super selection of full-height and mid-length hanging spaces, tucked right into the corner of the room. The drawers are built directly into the hidden gable, which looks neat and absolutely at home in this luxurious attic space that shows no signs of its dusty history. There’s even a small shelf for plants and trinkets. The matte grey of the built-in furniture contrasts beautifully against the brilliant white of the ceiling and the walls, while the shag-pile carpet gives this opulent bedroom the cachet of seclusion and unashamed luxury. Superb.

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If the gable roof plunges at a particularly deep angle, it doesn’t leave a lot of room in the far, bottom corners for storage; so this bespoke wardrobe idea is a particularly erudite use of available space. For this to really work perfectly,  however, we need doors to conceal those cupboards; unless you’re going to be proudly displaying your prized, designer couture to all who enter this rather swish dressing room. If envy is your modus operandi, then this open-plan wardrobe space is ideal. If you’re a little more modest; go for doors. The Drifting Sand tones of the painted furniture spills into the slightly lighter shade of grey in the carpet; giving this spacious room in the heavens a grounding from the pure cloudy white of the ceiling. Lovely.

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This canny construction transforms this floor-level stairway into a bannistered bookshelf; adding solidity to the entrance and some practical space-saving tips for those who want to pair practicality with usability. This magnificent room celebrates its beamed, gable ceiling with aplomb – this is a barn conversion executed to the very highest spec! The laminate flooring is beautiful in knotted oak, while the glass screen framing the stairway on the right-hand side prevents the entrance from feeling boxed-in. The far teal wall is a cool contrast to the dark wood of the beams which is mirrored in the bookshelf and softened as we reach the floor. This is a luxurious bedroom conversion; complete with an en-suite that proudly projects the impression that this is the dwelling of somebody with a distinct penchant for quality. Wonderful.

Storage everywhere! We love how the unusual shape of an attic conversion provides such a plethora of places to stow away your precious pieces. We love how the combination of materials and the profusion of daylight combine, making these attic spaces aspirational rooms that would be an utter pleasure to own. What do you think? Share this article with your friends and get chatting on social media about the incredible possibilities that exist just above your head.