Attic Man Cave Ideas

Your attic is full of potential, even if it feels small and cramped. There are ways to transform what can often be a useless space into a fantastic man cave. Here are some of the best ideas we’ve found for doing just that.

Give Yourself More Space

Part of the problem with the attic being used as anything other than storage is the lack of space. But there are ways around those constrictions and ways to add more room to the attic. The best place to start is probably with the support beams. In many attics, those beams take up a lot of space and are at an angle that makes it hard to use the area efficiently. So what you can do is have the beams repositioned. You can move them closer to the walls or turn them more upright so they take up less headroom. This is something you should call in the professionals for, but it will definitely be worth the cost to give yourself more room to your man cave.

Design Your Oasis

Once you have the space available, you can create a place that feels like your hideaway inside the home. You first have to figure out what you want your man cave to be about. That’s not going to be hard for most people. Just consider what your passion is and go from there. It could be a sports team, video games, super heroes or any number of things. Just try to pick a single theme to go with. If you have sport memorabilia taking up one half and video games on the other half, the room will be a mess. A single unified theme pulls everything together and makes the space that much more appealing.

Don’t be afraid to go all out with the man cave. It’s about you and your interests alone, so you can bring out that John Elway standup or that huge Avengers movie poster and use them as focal points for the room. Having large, eye-catching decorations in the room creates areas of interest and makes your room visually engaging.

We suggest going out and looking at yard sales or on eBay to find the kind of memorabilia and decorations that will fit your man cave perfectly as you put it together.

Variety within a Theme

If you confine your man cave to a single theme, it does help the room come together and look striking, but you don’t want to feel like you are limiting yourself.  Your man cave can have a workout area even if it is all about your favorite sports team. You can position the workout bench in front of the television so you can do reps while you watch a game.  You can bring in a punching bag and hang it from the ceiling without taking way from a video game room too. The way to incorporate these oddball elements is to make sure they match the rest of the decor. So if your room is mostly done up in Tennessee Vols orange, you can add in white or black elements to the room without clashing with the aesthetic.


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