Attic Home Office Ideas

Putting your home office in the attic can be a great idea. You are usually far enough away from the rest of the house to not be disturbed often. Plus, you get a great view to help you relax while you work. The small size of the attic usually works better for office spaces than for bedrooms anyway. Here are a few ways to turn your attic into a fantastic home office.

Conserve Space with Folding Furniture

You may not need everything in your office all the time. An extra chair, some additional desk space and even the desk could all be optional at times. If you want to save on space, you can make these pieces of furniture fold into the wall or other pieces of furniture. This gives you more room to work with when you aren’t using those items. You can even have a foldout bed up there for those times when you need to spend all day working but you also want to take a break.

Natural Lighting

If you are under the harsh light of indoor illumination all day, it can make your eyes tired and even cause depression. Using natural light is inexpensive, good for your body and mind and it is aesthetically pleasing. If you can, open up the window area as much as possible to let in lots of natural light into your attic office. Make sure the curtains are light and thin and that nothing is blocking the windows. You can also use lightly-colored furniture and white paint to reflect natural light around the room and get rid of shadows. This not only brightens your room but also your mood.

Use Every Space

Space may be a precious commodity in an attic home office, so you want to maximize its use. You can hang shelves on the walls to store items you’ll need, and install drawers into your furniture and walls. This gives you more space to walk around and stretch while providing lots of storage area for essentials. You can also hang lighter items, such as bag, backpacks and stationary from the sloped ceiling. It not only looks cool, but it saves you some extra space. You can even design hanging baskets or netting to store things on the slope to create an interesting atmosphere and free up more floor and desk space.

Movable Furniture

In small spaces, you need to be able to move about and find what you are looking for without having to lift and shift everything around you. That means that to make the most of your space some of your furniture may need to move. You probably want to start with a swivel chair on wheels. That’s going to give you a lot more freedom than any kind of chair you have to step out of to get around the room. In order to make this work, you’ll have to forgo carpeting on your attic floor.

Parts of your desk can be moveable too. You can create a workstation that folds up into the desk and gives you space when you need it. You can attach this kind of extra desk space to any desk you have. Just have a craftsman custom build you a collapsible for foldaway desk attachment, then you’ll get tons more desk space without taking up essential room. When you are done working, you can just pack up that extra section and slide your chair away from the desk to access the rest of your attic home office.


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