Attic Bedroom Design Ideas

A small attic bedroom doesn’t have to feel cramped. You don’t have to feel like the odd shape of the room is restricting you from having the bedroom you really want. Here are some ways to make the most out of an attic space and convert it into a comfortable bedroom.

Making Use of Sloped Windows

If your attic has large sloped windows, called dormer windows, then you can use them to your advantage. They might not be conventional, but you can be smart about where you place certain items in your attic bedroom and really get some great use out of sloped windows. Our suggestion is to put your couch or desk right under the window, so the most light is shining right on that central location. This gives you lots of natural lighting, and it can create a great focal point for the room. For best results, use a light-colored desk or couch. This will reflect the light and spread it around the room, brightening out those darker places.

Work with the Dimensions

Most attics are as long as the house, and this can give them a lengthy and skinny look that may seem odd for a bedroom. But you can use that look to create something unique if you want. Or you can just minimize the differences in size between the walls.

One of the better ways to even out the dimensions of the walls is to paint the long walls darker colors than the short ones. This minimizes their differences and makes the room appear less oblong. You can also help with the dimension by placing a head with a large headboard against the wall. In larger attic spaces, the bed can be placed at a slight angle to visually break up the lengthy appearance. Yet another option is to divide up the room, perhaps by using a partition. This breaks the room down into smaller pieces and makes it look not quite as oblong.

Create an Area of Focus

If you have the benefit of a skylight in your attic bedroom, then you can use it to create a central location or point of interest. Typically, the skylight will be in the center of the room. You can place a small floor mat there- usually one that’s square or circular will work best for creating a center for the room. Then arrange your furniture around that central area. The bed, desk and dresser can go up against the wall and face the center of the room.

Even without a skylight, you can create a nice central focus point. Use recessed or overhead lighting to focus light where you want it, and then arrange all your furniture around that point. This gives the room a cohesive look and lets you play with the paths between pieces of furniture. You can even pull the bed and desk away from the walls and still have a roomy-feeling attic when you have a center focal point.


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